Exness Review Including 2024 Fees And Leverage Levels

The Exness Standard account offers you the full range of assets across forex, metals, cryptocurrencies, energy, indices, and stocks with no commission cost. With over 100 forex pairs, 34 crypto pairs, 98 blue-chip stocks, 13 commodities and 10 indices, you’ll have plenty of assets to choose from. Additionally, traders can access supplementary resources such as FAQs, trading guides, and educational materials. Exness’ comprehensive approach to customer support reflects their commitment to assisting traders effectively and enhancing their trading experience. The inclusion of indices, stocks, and options further enhances trading opportunities, providing exposure to various market segments and strategies.

Drawbacks we noticed include the lack of ability to set price alerts but strangely we can do this with the mobile version. The other missing feature is a lack of education and integrated research tools like connectivity to Forex news. It also integrates with both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 which is a big plus.

The broker’s commitment to fraud prevention and fund security underscores its dedication to trader protection. If you are using a Standard or Pro account with Exness, then you can trade with up to 96 Forex pairs. If you are trading with the Raw or Zero Account you can trade 73 Forex pairs which include fewer exotic pairs compared to the no-commission accounts.

We visited their website and it was pretty vague with details and had no information on the team. We subsequently checked Trustpilot and although they have a 4-star rating, there are several very negative reviews that accuse Pocket Option of being a scam. When he downloaded the app from the iOS app store, Exness Trade launched an entirely new branded product called Pocket Option which we hadn’t seen referenced anywhere on the Exness website. We are not entirely sure how to explain this, since we are not aware of any partnership between Exness and Pock Option, we can only presume this came about because Exness does not serve the Australian market.

There’s essentially nothing you won’t be able to do with the mobile versions of the trading platforms. If we ignore the quick of somehow downloading Pocket Option (which you are unlikely to come across in markets Exness actually accepts clients from) then we think the offering Exness have is quite decent. Not only can you choose between 3 quality trading platforms they also have a good social trading app that avoids the generic offering many brokers are creating. Exness presents a comprehensive suite of five distinct account types to accommodate the diverse needs of traders. These accounts, namely the Standard Cent, Standard, Pro, Zero, and Raw Spread, offer a spectrum of features tailored to different experience levels and trading preferences.

  1. Overall, while these spreads aren’t bad, they’re also not the best, so If you’re looking for a broker with the tightest spreads, you can read our analysis on the most competitive brokers.
  2. Exness excels in its account opening procedure, which is both efficient and user-friendly.
  3. The brokers also have an in-house developed App for trading and a separate one for social trading.

Exness does claim to have an average of 0 pips for selected certain currency pairs and this stands out since no other broker claim this. On the flip side, it’s not great that they aren’t regulated by many tier 1 regulators such xcritical cheating as in Australia, The US, the UK, and The EU but to be fair Exness doesn’t accept clients from these countries anyway. They’ve got a fairly limited range of markets and they’re missing some obvious options to fund your accounts.

Products on offer

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts can access a variety of cryptocurrency pairs without needing to own the actual digital assets. Exness enriches its trading platform with a diverse range of unique tools and features designed to empower traders and elevate their decision-making processes. These resources provide invaluable insights into market trends, trading behaviors, and instrument-specific details. One prominent feature is the real-time push notifications that traders receive directly to their devices, ensuring they stay informed about market movements, price alerts, and potential trading opportunities. Exness employs a variable spread model on its trading instruments, with spread values subject to change based on market conditions and account type. This dynamic approach offers traders flexibility in managing their trading costs.

The Exness Academy offers various courses which run through key concepts from managing the risks, to analysing price action. For desktop trading, Exness supports the widely acclaimed MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms. These platforms are renowned for their extensive charting tools, technical indicators, and capabilities for algorithmic trading.

Mobile Trading Apps

The Standard Cent account is tailored for newbies, allowing them to trade smaller volumes with cent lots for testing strategies. With stable spreads, reliable execution, and no commission, it provides an ideal starting point with up to 36 trading instruments. The Standard account, suitable for both novice and experienced traders, features no minimum deposit requirements, stable spreads, and over 120 trading options. The Pro account targets seasoned traders, offering limitless orders, smaller volumes, and low spreads from 0.1 pip. The Zero account, designed for market execution, provides zero spreads on top instruments for 95% of the day, making it suitable for expert advisors. Lastly, the Raw Spread account, tailored for experienced traders, boasts ultra-low, stable spreads with a fixed commission per lot, no position limits, and market execution.

Enhancing Trader Education

Exness does not specify a minimum deposit requirement, allowing traders to start with an amount that suits their financial situation. However, traders should be aware of potential minimum transaction amounts set by their payment providers. Exness operates as a regulated broker, ensuring a safe trading environment.

Trading Platforms

In other words, it does not bother with nice to have information such as stop loss, take prod and equity. If this sounds of interest, there are a few limitations that you should know about first before opening an account. Firstly, account currency types are reduced, and the range of assets you can trade is restricted to forex and metals, with a total of 36 instruments available. This account https://xcritical.pro/ has zero pips spreads on the 30 most traded currency pairs for the majority of the trading day making it suitable for high-frequency and if you are using automated trading strategies. We think this account is best if you know exactly which currency pairs you intend to trade. The Pro Account is much the same as the Standard Account but has instant execution instead of market execution.

Exness keeps clients’ funds in segregated accounts that are wholly separated from the company’s funds. Exness does offer a live chat bot which is decent but it still couldn’t answer some basic questions like “Is there an inactivity fee”. It was however able to tell us the difference between the trading accounts and suggested a suitable page with further information. At the start of 2022, Exness launched its own developed social trading called Exness Social Trading. Like most decent social trading software, you will find a large range of strategy providers as well as a ranking system for the best copiers in the network and filters to help you find the people you wish to follow. However, we found this app to be somewhere different from other apps we have seen as it kept information displayed about strategy providers to what you should care most about such as risk and profit rate.